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After several years of quilting I finally made us a Christmas quilt!  A red and green traditional colors Christmas quilt.  Per the husband’s request.  I’m still not sure if it was a sarcastic request or not..lol..  But I love it!

I wanted to keep it very traditional so I went with scrappy Christmas colors.   Coming up with enough red from my stash was a challenge and I’m pretty sure I don’t have any greens left ;)   I used the last of my gold fabrics also.   After debating between patchwork squares and triangles I decided to go with a triangle quilt.   I love triangle quilts and have made a few in the past.

quiltylove_emilydennis-8097 I pulled all of the fabrics for this scrappy triangle quilt from my stash.  I’ve made a few quilts lately from my stash.  I love the feeling of actually using up what I have!  quiltylove_emilydennis-7929 If you want to attempt your own triangle quilt I highly recommend a triangle ruler!   That lopped off top on these rulers really help with lining up seams.   I used this Fons and Porter Ruler for mine.  It’s my favorite 6.5in triangle ruler.

quiltylove_emilydennis-8050 I didn’t use a pattern for this one.  I just cut a bunch of 6.5 in strips from my fabrics and started cutting out triangles.

My triangle quilt measures about 55in x 75in.  I used 204 triangles including those end pieces.   I find it easier to just trim the edges straight after quilting instead of using half triangles on the edges.   One fat quarter will give you 8 triangles.  So if you are using only fat quarters you will need 26 fat quarters or 12 half yards.   Or just find a whole bunch of scrap pieces and start cutting triangles :) quiltylove_emilydennis-1 quiltylove_emilydennis-2 quiltylove_emilydennis-8067 quiltylove_emilydennis-3 I quilted this one with simple straight lines following all of the seams using my walking foot. quiltylove_emilydennis-8112 Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and this quilt is so happy to look at :) quiltylove_emilydennis-8081 quiltylove_emilydennis-8119 quiltylove_emilydennis-8086 quiltylove_emilydennis-8099 quiltylove_emilydennis-8102 I took home this flannel Kate Spain fabric from a retreat this summer and was super happy that it worked for this Christmas quilt :)   The backing is a bit of an orangey red but with the various red shades on the front I thought it worked just fine.   Plus it’s flannel!   Perfect for a Christmas quilt around here.  quiltylove_emilydennis-8121 Here’s a random fact.   LED Christmas lights are difficult to photograph!   They will actually flicker so the camera does not always catch them on!   You can see the top portion is actually missed and not lit in this shot.   Isn’t that kind of crazy!  Our eye doesn’t see the flicker but the fast shutter speed on my camera doesn’t always catch them on.  quiltylove_emilydennis-8106 quiltylove_emilydennis-8123 quiltylove_emilydennis-8124 quiltylove_emilydennis-8073 quiltylove_emilydennis-8134 A black and white bias stripe binding finished this festive Christmas quilt off.   I know this will be such a fun seasonal quilt to pull out every year :) quiltylove_emilydennis-8137


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  • Sue - I love, love, love this quilt!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - This is lovely! I really like that it is “Christmasy” without using Christmas fabrics. Very nice!ReplyCancel

  • Chris - Really great, Emily! Question for you: when you use flannel for the back (or in any other application), do you pre-wash it? Even if your quilt cotton is not pre-washed? Thanks in advance!ReplyCancel

    • Emily@QuiltyLove - I do not pre-wash my flannels. I haven’t noticed it shrinking more than my unwashed cotton quilt tops. So far, I’ve backed and washed several quilts in flannel with no issues. But I will say, when in doubt, it never hurts to pre-wash :)ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Is there a trick to sewing the triangles together? I have such a hard time getting them lined upReplyCancel

    • Emily@QuiltyLove - Engineered corners make all the difference! An Engineered corner is standard on some triangle rulers. It’s the lopped off top and sometimes notched corners. Makes lining up so easy! I used regular triangles for my first couple of triangle quilts and lining up was tricky. Leaving 1/4in overhang as you sew together is required but it’s difficult to be accurate!ReplyCancel

Get your jelly rolls ready because I have a fun new jelly roll friendly quilt pattern to share today.  Jelly rolls are one of my favorite precuts because it’s the easiest way to get the entire fabric line all at once.  They are fun to collect because they look so cute sitting on a shelf.   That makes them easy to hoard ;)  But not today!   Choose your favorite one and whip up this easy and fun quilt pattern.

Get your copy in the Quilty Love Pattern shop!

Jelly Rings Quilt Jelly Roll is actually a Moda Fabrics term.  It’s a collection of 2.5in x the width of the fabric strips.   So usually 2.5in x 42in.  A jelly roll usually has about 40 strips from the same fabric line in the roll.   Other brands call them by different names such as Design Rolls, Roll ups or just 2.5in strips.

The Jelly Rings quilt uses 1 jelly roll or x30 2.5in x WOF strips from your fabric collection.  Jelly Rings is just that,  rings around a simple 4 patch.  Jelly Rings allows the fabrics to shine while still subtly mixing them all together.  Jelly Rings Quilt I love the secondary plus sign this quilt makes.  It’s always fun when a secondary pattern shines through.  Jelly Rings Quilt I went with a Joel Dewberry Jelly roll for my version.   This is the Wander fabric line.  The bright jewel tone colors pop so beautifully against my favorite stark white background.  Jelly Rings Quilt This quilt is a great one for beginners.   Jelly Roll strips don’t always measure an exact 2.5in wide so taking the time to trim them is helpful in lining seams up better.   I regretted not trimming my strips so not all points are perfect but the pattern is forgiving in that they are hardly noticeable.   There are a few strip piecing shortcuts allowing this one to go together in no time. Jelly Rings Quilt Jelly Rings Quilt I quilted my Jelly Rings quilt with my favorite zig zag stitch on my Janome.  I spaced the stitched lines 1 inch apart.   This stitch gives such a pretty overall effect and crinkles up so nicely.  Jelly Rings Quilt Jelly Rings Quilt I backed the Jelly Rings Quilt with a pretty aqua fabric from the Wander line and finished it off with a black and white striped binding. Jelly Rings Quilt Jelly Rings Quilt Jelly Rings Quilt quiltylove_jellyringsquiltpattern-1-5 This quilt is a throw size quilt and the directions include an option with or without sashing.  You can get your copy in my pattern shop as an instant PDF download or paper copy.


I also made a fall version of the Jelly Rings Quilt and will blog it soon.

dsc_7827 Jelly Rings Quilt Pattern

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This Plus Squared quilt really is my favorite quilt.. ha.   Although for real I think this one is.   I forget about it because I gave it away…!!   More about that later.

This is my Plus Squared Quilt Pattern which was first featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.   It was my first magazine commission!   This is not the one that was featured and I’ll blog that one another time.

quiltylove_emilydennis-3388 I made this version of this quilt to test the pattern I wrote for Love Patchwork and Quilting so I was never able to share it along the way.   I used Vanessa Goertzen’s Gooseberry line mixed with Robert Kaufman Yarn Dyed Essex Linen.  I used only the cool colors from this line and loved how they mixed with the grey linen.   Linen gives quilts such beautiful texture and weight.  It does shrink quilt a bit and can be a little fussy to work with as it stretches easily.

quiltylove_emilydennis-3369 quiltylove_emilydennis-3376 The Plus Squared quilt pattern is a good one for the newer quilter as it’s all squares and rectangles.   There are some piecing shortcuts in the pattern making this one a fairly simple and fast one to put together.  The white sashing around the plus signs really make the fabrics pop.   This quilt also works perfectly with Moda’s new Treat size precuts!  quiltylove_emilydennis-3387 quiltylove_emilydennis-3373 I quilted zig zags on this one using my walking foot.  It’s a super simple stitch that looks good on just about any quilt! quiltylove_emilydennis-3375 quiltylove_emilydennis-3402 quiltylove_emilydennis-3416 quiltylove_emilydennis-3419 I did let this Plus Squared quilt go to my sister.   I have a large family and I’m working on getting a quilt into each sibling’s home.   My sister Molly is newly married so I told her to pick a quilt.   I might have died just a little inside when she picked my favorite one…lol..   But isn’t that what quilting is all about?   Making beautiful things for other people.  :)   I know she will appreciate it much more than I would have with my stacks of other quilts.   Plus, we can always make another, right!?   quiltylove_emilydennis-3421
This quilt is backed and binded with this fun navy polka dot fabric.

quiltylove_emilydennis-3425 quiltylove_emilydennis-3427 How about an outtake from this photo shoot ;)


You can find this pattern in my shop.



Moda Gooseberry fabric
Robert Kaufman Essex LinenPlus Squared Quilt Pattern


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  • Kay - I love this!! Plus quilts have long been a favourite of mine and this is a fab remake of them. xReplyCancel

Today I’m sharing my very favorite quilt with you all.  Ha.  It’s my favorite because it’s my most recent quilt I’ve completed ;)   I have a list of quilts I want to make and a log cabin has been on that list for a while.   This is my first log cabin quilt!   But it certainly won’t be the last.   There are so many neat variations of log cabins and it’s a block I don’t think you could ever tire of.

quiltylove_emilydennis-4005 This Art Gallery Observer fabric line by April Rhodes seemed like the perfect fit for a log cabin quilt since it has two color ways.  Blues and golds.  I started this quilt mixing all of the blues on one side of the log cabin and all of the golds on the other.

quiltylove_logcabin It felt a bit too scrappy (and I almost scrapped this entire quilt) so instead I kept the darker blues in one block and the lighter blues in another block and then alternated them in the final layout for a bit more order.  I used the same dark yellow fabric for each center block.  I used a full fat quarter bundle but left out the two yellows on the right.  It did take a little bit of creative piecing for the last few blocks to keep my blocks separated as darks and lights.
quiltylove_emilydennis-3987 quiltylove_emilydennis-4003 I started making this log cabin quilt on a Monday and realized it would make for the perfect birthday gift for a party on Friday so I had to get it done quickly!   So I kept the quilting simple.   Although, I do that a lot even when not on a time crunch :)   I quilted straight lines on each diagonal using my walking foot and then also quilted each block in the ditch vertical and horizontal.   In the ditch quilting means quilting right in the center of the seams.  The quilting line blends into the quilt on the front but you can see this better on the shot of the backing. quiltylove_emilydennis-3992 quiltylove_emilydennis-4013 quiltylove_emilydennis-3993 quiltylove_emilydennis-3995 I used a khaki colored solid I had on hand for the binding.   I like the subtle color of it since this is already such a busy looking quilt.
quiltylove_emilydennis-3998 This Observer Log Cabin quilt is backed in the softest warmest flannel!   Since I was on a time crunch I didn’t have time to order a backing.   I’m so thankful for my local quilt shop and the fact that they carry these beautiful Maywood flannels.  Since we have the longest coldest winters, I thought the recipient might love this flannel addition to this quilt.   And now i need to make myself a flannel backed quilt pronto because my gosh, is it warm and cozy!

quiltylove_emilydennis-3999 quiltylove_emilydennis-4008 quiltylove_emilydennis-4015 quiltylove_emilydennis-4017 quiltylove_emilydennis-4018 I finished this log cabin quilt on Friday morning, grabbed some quick photos and gifted it to my sister in law later that day.  :) quiltylove_emilydennis-3972 quiltylove_emilydennis-3976 If you want to make your own log cabin quilt, Suzy Quilts has a simple log cabin tutorial for you.   I made a total of 42 10inch blocks.

Observer Fabric Line by Art Gallery Fabrics
Backing:  Maywood Flannel
Batting:   Warm and Natural

**This post contains affiliate links.   If you click on the links and purchase through them, I will receive a small commission.  This does not increase or effect your pricing. 

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  • Daniela of blockMquilts - You are a Speedy Gonzales! This quilt is gorgeous, I love log cabin quilts as well! Great fabric choice!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - Did you use one jelly roll for this quilt? My teenage son has asked me to make a quilt for him and I think these colors and style would be great for him. Thanks so much – this quilt is absolutely beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • Emily@QuiltyLove - I used a fat quarter bundle for this one :) But I would think a jelly roll would work also!ReplyCancel

      • Holly - Thanks so much – I just love how yours turned out!ReplyCancel

  • Mary D - Simply beautiful. Your alternating light blue dark blue blocks worked magic.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie@quiltbythebay - Thank you for describing your design process in making a scrappy quilt look cohesive and not too messy! I love how it looksReplyCancel

  • Jenni shirlwu - I love this quilt so much! So beautiful!ReplyCancel