Modern Quilts Block by Block book corrections

Find corrections to the patterns in Modern Quilts Block by Block here.

Figure Eights – pg 24

The solids fabric requirement should be x9 – 3/8 yards.

Cutting Instructions
From each 3/8 yard solid:
Cut x2 10in squares
Cut x2 7 1/4in squares
Cut x8 3 1/2in squares
Cut x2 5 1/2in squares

Please note that the cutting diagram is missing one 7 1/4in square.  The correct cutting diagram:

Cutting from the white fabric:
The last line should read:  Subcut x3 9 1/2in x 12 1/2in.  Cut additional x1 9 1/2in x 12 1/2in from leftover fabric.

Mix and Match the fabrics:
Pair up so you have 9 sets of blocks.

The graphic on the bottom of page 26 should look as follows:

Download a PDF of this correction here.

First Place Quilt – pg 33

The diagram on page 33 has the colors swapped.

Download the PDF with this correction here.