Fableism Arcade Plaid Triangle Pop baby quilt

Today I’m excited to share this cute Fableism Arcade Plaid Triangle Pop baby quilt! I finished this up a while ago so it’s overdue for its own post.

Triangle Pop is from way back in the Quilty Love pattern library. I really enjoy making this quilt though because it’s pretty simple especially for a triangle quilt. I do recommend a flat tipped 60 degree triangle ruler for best results.

You can find the Triangle Pop quilt pattern in the Quilty Love shop.

Fableism Arcade Plaid Wovens

If you have been following along for a bit then you know I’m obsessed with the Fableism Wovens. This Arcade Plaid wovens line is just so beautiful. The colors in it are dreamy. Plaids can feel kind of tricky to sew with so a pattern like this that separates out each fabric really helps if you are intimidated by them.

The background on this baby size Triangle Pop is Sprout Wovens in Sugar. Binding is Everyday Chambray in Bay leaf.

What are wovens?

This question comes up a lot. Technically all quilting cottons are wovens. I had kind of a lightbulb moment of how to explain them when I saw Fableism mention their “reweaves”. Usually you will hear a fabric being “reprinted”. These wovens are already dyed individual strands that are “woven” to create the design.

A regular quilting cotton is usually woven, then dyed and then the design gets printed onto the fabric. With wovens, there is no printing. The design happens during the weaving process.

Wovens tend to be a looser weave and a lighter thread. This makes them super soft and drapey but also more prone to fraying and snagging. Sometimes textured thread is added in and let me tell you… it’s the added texture of these wovens that really get me. I absolutely love it and find all of the challenges worth it to make a quilt using them.

Quilting with wovens

I really love sewing with these wovens but do take a few steps to ensure long lasting quilting results. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Pre-wash these wovens to pre-shrink them. They shrink ALOT! Like a lot more than a regular quilting cotton. If you pre-shrink them then less chance of popped seams later.
  • Use a smaller stitch length. I like to sew these up at a 1.7-ish stitch length. They have a tendency to fray so use a smaller stitch length to ensure they stay together.
  • Press your seams to the side (not open). A side pressed seam is much stronger especially when it comes to these looser, thiner, woven fabrics.
  • Densely quilt these quilts. And then finally don’t be afraid to quilt them up a little denser so you cover more seams. This is an added little insurance policy that they will stay together for the long run.

I will say, for my first few quilts (including this one!) I did not prewash. And I don’t consider hand quilting that dense. So I nervously put this one and others through the wash and they were just fine. But going forward, I have been doing all of these things as possible.

Triangle Pop quilt pattern

Triangle Pop is a nice and simple triangle quilt pattern. It’s a Triangle in a square which makes it a more beginner friendly triangle quilt since you then end up piecing squares together rather than triangles.

I do highly recommend a flat tipped 60 degree triangle ruler for best results! Add an 8.5 inch or larger triangle ruler to your stash and it’s the only one you should need for any triangle or half hexie quilt.

I’ve also created this pattern in a way that it’s a little more forgiving if your pieces aren’t perfect. I give a little extra space to make sure those bottom triangle points stay sharp.

4 sizes included in the quilt pattern

The Triangle Pop quilt pattern includes instructions for four sizes: Baby size, throw size, twin bed size and queen bed size.

Fat Quarter Friendly

Use fat quarters or your fabric stash for this one! You can make it scrappy by cutting the triangles from your scrap stash or fabric stash.

Hand quilting – the big stitch kind

I’ve also recently become obsessed with hand quilting. Specifically chunky hand quilting. I’ve tried hand quilting in the past and didn’t really like it. I decided to try it again recently and quickly became obsessed.

Here are all of the hand quilting supplies I like using.

I used mostly cream Pearl Cotton thread and then added in some light green accent rows. The texture on this is just so good. Hand quilting will do that. 🙂

I added side borders to this quilt since I was hand quilting it. I wanted to have a little extra room to square up the quilt if needed. I also liked the idea of running the hand stitching all the way around the border.

Fableism Arcade Plaid Triangle Pop quilt

Quilt Pattern: Triangle Pop by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Arcade Plaid Wovens by Fableism
Background: Sprout wovens in Sugar
Binding: Everyday Chambray in Bay Leaf
Backing: Monarch Grove Wings by Fableism
Hand Quilting supplies
Pieced on my Juki 2010q