My Swoon WIP

I have completely swooned over every swoon quilt I have seen.   So I just had to make
my own.   I’m realizing how I tend to overlook dimensions every time I start a quilt because
I had no idea this thing was so huge!  So I was surprised it actually kind of fits on our bed.

I decided to use the cotton and steel basics fat quarter bundle I had on hand.  After about 3 blocks
I was afraid I made the wrong choice but once it was all put together I loved it again!   This still
remains a quilt top as I think I’m going to make it somewhat a double sided quilt.   I haven’t quite
decided what it will look like yet.

These blocks do not go together that fast which isn’t a bad thing.   I found working on a block here and there
was more enjoyable than trying to power thought it all at once.quiltylove-1-2

quiltylove-1 quiltylove-2 quiltylove-3 quiltylove-4 quiltylove-5 quiltylove-6