The Purple and Teal Heart Gems Quilt

Today I’m sharing the purple and teal Heart Gems quilt! Heart Gems is the newest Quilty Love quilt pattern and this year’s heart quilt pattern. Heart Gems is a good stash friendly quilt pattern since you can mix an assortment of solids or prints from your stash for the hearts.

This purple and teal Heart Gems quilt uses solid purples from my stash along with a Ruby Star Society Basic I also had on hand.

Heart Gems is a fun and modern heart quilt that uses quarter square triangles to create lots of dimension and movement.

The Heart Gems quilt pattern is in the Quilt Love pattern shop.

The Heart Gems Quilt Pattern – the design process

Heart Gems is the 5th quilt in the Quilty Love heart pattern series. Each year it has been a fun challenge to come up with a new heart quilt pattern design. This year’s heart design was kind of a last minute design after struggling through another option for a couple of weeks. I never really know where these designs are going to come from and instead just trust the creative process and hope for the best….lol.

I’m thrilled with this year’s design and I always know it’s ready when I start to get really excited about the design. It can take some time to get there but excitement is always a good indicator for me that it’s getting close to a final design.

I want to say that this year’s heart quilt pattern was inspired by the original Quilty Love Heart quilt. I think it heavily influenced this design. After scratching my original design I went back to other heart sketches on my computer and a variation of Quilty Hearts inspired Heart Gems.

Once a design is created then it comes time to get a proper scale and layout. I always consider how it uses fabric when it comes to scale and tend to write most patterns around fat quarters.

Heart Gems quilt pattern

The Heart Gems quilt pattern is another fun and modern heart quilt. Use your fabric stash or scrap stash to make the hearts and pull some yardage for the background.

The Heart Gems quilt pattern comes with lots of size options. The quilt pattern includes instructions for the following sizes:

  • Baby size quilt – 46″ x 54″
  • Square throw size quilt – 61″ x 61″
  • Large throw size quilt – 61″ x 76″
  • Twin size bed quilt – 66″ x 91″
  • Bed quilt – 81″ x 91″

The Purple and Teal Heart Gems quilt

For this purple and teal Heart Gems quilt, I pulled all of the fabrics from my stash. I pulled an assortment of solid pinky- purples that were already in my stash.

Heart Gems uses yardage for the background so I also wanted to find that in my stash. I know I’ve used this Ruby Star Society Speckled in teal a few times now but it was in my stash and worked well! I love the deep contrast between the purples and the dark teal background. The hearts really pop in this quilt.

I’ve listed out the purple solids that I used in this quilt. Some are color matched to Kona Cottons since I’m not sure what they are.

Alison Glass Kaleidoscope in Thistle – Robert Kaufman Manchester in Rose – All Kona Cotton: Burgundy – Gumdrop – Plum – Rose – Woodrose – Peony – Petal – Corsage – Ballerina

The accent fabric in this purple and teal Heart Gems quilt is Ruby Star Society Speckled in White Gold.

Mixing substrates

The Kaleidoscope and Manchester both add a little bit of texture. I love adding textured fabrics in my quilt whenever possible. I think it just adds to the over all look of the quilt. Both of those fabrics are like a woven. I have no problem mixing substrates like that in my quilts. Anytime I work with a linen though I will shorten my stitch length quite a bit.

Heart Gems Quilt Class

There is a Heart Gems quilt class for those of you who love visual instruction as you sew your quilts together. The Heart Gems quilt class has over 20 step by step videos in the class. This quilt class covers everything from choosing fabrics to sewing quilt tops together on point.

You’ll get instant access to all of the videos when you join the class. This purple and teal Heart Gems quilt is the one made throughout the class.

The Purple and Teal Heart Gems Backing Fabric

This purple and teal Heart Gems quilt is backed in a Ruby Star Society print. This is a print called Buttercream Wallflower from the Petunia fabric line. I ended up using this print a few times as backings on my Heart Gems quilts because I had quite a bit of it on hand.

Long Arm Quilting

I sent this purple and teal Heart Gems quilt off to Modern Textiles for some long arm quilting. Katie quilted most of the Heart Gems sample quilts for me and it’s still such a treat to get them done. I highly recommend Katie if you are looking for a long arm quilter. She’s right her in Minnesota. I still mail my quilts to her but it’s kind of nice knowing they aren’t traveling too far.

For this Heart Gems we chose the Interlocking Hearts quilting pantograph.

The Purple and Teal Heart Gems quilt materials

Quilt Pattern: Heart Gems quilt pattern by Quilty Love
Heart Fabrics: Assorted solid purples from my stash (listed in the blog post)
Accent: Ruby Star Society Speckled in White Gold
Background: Ruby Star Society Speckled in Teal
Backing: Ruby Star Society Petunia – Buttercream Wallflower
Binding: Ruby Star Society Speckled in Peony
Pieced on my Juki 2010q
Long Arm Quilting: Modern Textiles

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