Fancy Fox Quilt

Fancy Fox pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman.quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1324I still have a few 2015 quilts to share here.  This blog is really just a place I can document all of these finishes.  I’m not sure how Foxy Loxy hasn’t made it on the blog yet since it’s been done for a while and gets lots of love from it’s 8 year old owner.

I was highly inspired by Red Completely Red’s Fancy Fox Quilt.   I adore the orange and reds she used and made mine similar.   I used a mix of fat quarters mostly from my Local Quilt Shop.

quiltylove_EmilyDennis-7515 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-7522

I tried free motion quilting for the first (and only so time on this quilt!  I went with a very forgiving woodgrain look.   It was so fun to try something new and really not as scary as I made it out to be.  quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1323 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1325 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1331 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1338 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1342 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-1345

My youngest claimed this quilt as soon as I started making it.   It gets a lot of love.   It’s the quilt he always pulls out when watching a movie or just wanting to warm up.  I love how much he loves it 🙂quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5494 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5502 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5504 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5505 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5506 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5527