Scrappy Rainbow Happy Stripes quilt

Today I’m sharing this Scrappy Rainbow Happy Stripes quilt! I finished this one earlier this year so it’s about time it makes it on the blog.

The Happy Stripes quilt pattern was released earlier this year and I couldn’t wait to sew up a scrappy rainbow fade version. This entire quilt is made using my scrap stash. I’ve especially been into scrappy rainbow quilts lately. Those are the most satisfying quilts to make!

Happy Stripes is available in the Quilty Love pattern shop.

Happy Stripes Quilt Pattern

The Happy Stripes quilt pattern is part of the Quilty Love Stash Busters. It’s written with your scrap stash or fabric stash in mind. When I designed the pattern I was excited to make a scrappy rainbow version using entirely scraps.

Happy Stripes works great for scraps since it uses 2.5 inch strips. You can also use scraps for the accent like I did here. I used low volume scraps for the accents.

The Happy Stripes quilt pattern is quick and easy and beginner friendly. It includes instructions for tons of sizes. Includes:

  • Baby size quilt
  • Small throw size quilt
  • Medium throw size quilt
  • large throw size quilt
  • Twin size bed quilt
  • Full size bed quilt
  • Queen size bed quilt
  • King size bed quilt

So I have you covered for every single size!

Layer cake or jelly roll friendly quilt pattern

This stash buster is very stash friendly! You can use layer cake squares, jelly roll strips, fat quarters or your scrap stash.

I had so much fun going through each color scrap bin finding fabrics for this quilt.

Wooden scrap bins

I’ve shared these scrap bins a few times now but they are the best! They are this bin from Target in the larger size. They stack nicely and fit perfectly underneath my Ikea freestanding kitchen island that I use as a cutting table.

They are out in the open which makes them super easy to use. It’s easy to sort and throw extra fabric in them after each quilt project. They are also out in the open constantly calling for me to use them. These bins are the first thing I see when I walk in my sewing room. They are a constant reminder to actually use up these scraps.

I also love that you can pull one out to use as needed.

Whenever the scrap bins start to overflow too much, it’s time to make a scrappy quilt!

Rainbow Fade quilt

For this scrappy rainbow Happy Stripes I planned out all of the blocks first and then arranged them in color order and added the accents last. So it took a little extra planning but was still pretty simple to do.

I arranged the quilt blocks in ROYGBIV order.

Long Arm Quilting

I sent this scrappy rainbow Happy Stripes quilt off to Modern Textiles for quilting. We choose this fun modern pantograph called Late Night.

Premade bias bindings

Bessie Pearl sent me some of her pre-made quilt bindings to try out. I used a classic black and white striped binding to finish off this busy rainbow quilt. It was so slick having a pre-made binding.

Check out Karen’s shop for a wide assortment of pre-made bias bindings!

Machine quilting binding

If you need a machine binding tutorial I have one here. I recently hand stitched a quilt and was reminded why I always machine bind now. I do like the look of hand binding but I just don’t have the time to do it lately. Plus I do worry about it falling apart faster.

I still follow that same tutorial for machine binding except I attach it to the front of the quilt first instead of the back. I don’t worry about trying to get the stitch in the ditch of the binding. You can see it on the front of the quilt but that doesn’t bother me.

Ruby Star Society Wide Back

I used a lighter Ruby Star Society wide back for this colorful rainbow quilt. I like to use a really soft or neutral backing when the front of the quilt is this busy.

Scrappy Rainbow Happy Stripes quilt materials

Quilt Pattern: Happy Stripes quilt pattern by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Assorted scraps from my stash
Binding: bias black and white stripe by Bessie Pearl
Backing: Ruby Star society wide back
Pieced on my Janome MC6700p
Long Arm quilting: Modern Textiles