Simple Rainbow Heart Gems quilt

Today I’m sharing the simple rainbow Heart Gems quilt! I’m so excited to share this quilt because it is just the happiest quilt. This simple rainbow Heart Gems quilt kind of came about by accident. I was making a mock up to choose colors for a scrappy rainbow version but just used solid hearts instead of the original gem style heart. Well, I loved it in solids so much that I had to sew one up.

This simple heart version has been added to the Heart Gems quilt pattern as a bonus. It’s such a fun and quick way to sew up the Heart Gems quilt.

The Heart Gems quilt pattern is in the shop and includes this bonus simple version.

Simple Rainbow Heart Gems Quilt

The simple rainbow Heart quilt pattern is a bonus inside of the Heart Gems quilt pattern. The Heart Gems quilt pattern includes instructions for a large throw size simple heart quilt. The bonus pattern includes this simple heart block and then uses the regular pattern for everything else.

I really love this simple version because it’s much faster and really stash friendly. Each row of hearts uses a fat quarter or less. So you can pull nine different prints or solids from your stash and sew one up.

All of the solids in this simple rainbow Heart Gems quilt are Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman. Colors from top to bottom are:

The background is Ruby Star Society Speckled in White Gold. This is my current favorite neutral background print. The accent is a black Ruby Star Society Speckled.

Rainbow Heart Quilt

The mock up I made was intended for my scrap stash version and I wanted to use the entire ROYGBIV rainbow. So this solids version came about by accident from those mock ups. To save time while doing the mock up I used solid hearts and I loved it so much that I had to sew it up and include it in the pattern.

You can see both versions below… the simple solid one and the original Heart Gems hearts if they were scrappy. I did end up making a rainbow scrap stash version that will get added here soon!

What I love about this simple version is that is is very stash friendly. Each row uses less than a fat quarter and would look great in prints also!

This simple rainbow Heart Gems quilt turned out to be the happiest quilt ever! I’ve decided to keep this one for the toddler.

Long Arm Quilting

I sent this simple rainbow heart quilt off to Modern Textiles for quilting. We went with my favorite pantograph called Baptist Heart Clams. I can’t resist this design especially on heart quilts.

Shannon Cuddle Minky Backing

Since I decided to keep this one I backed it in a Shannon Cuddle Minky. It’s hard not to back a quilt in minky that I know we will be using. Minky backed quilts are so much warmer and softer and you can really get spoiled by them. This is a Shannon Cuddle Wide Minky in the color Saltwater. I always use Shannon Cuddle in wide widths so you don’t need to piece it for a quilt backing.

I think this quilt will get lots of love from the toddler 🙂

Simple Rainbow Heart Gems quilt Materials used

Quilt Pattern: Heart Gems quilt pattern by Quilty Love
Hearts: Kona Cotton solids by Robert Kaufman – colors listed in blog post
Background: Ruby Star Society Speckled in White Gold
Accent: Ruby Star Society Speckled in black
Backing: Shannon Cuddle Minky Wide in Saltwater
Binding: Ruby Star Society Speckled in Peony
Pieced on My Juki 2010q
Long Arm Quilted by Modern Textiles

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