Resource Guide: Quilty Love quilting supplies and tools

These are the quilting supplies and products that I use on a regular basis.   I’m a pretty minimalist quilter (so far…ha) and these are my tried and true quilting supplies.

Sewing Machine

I currently use a Janome 6700p sewing machine provided by Janome.

I’ve been using this machine for the past several years and I’ve come to call it the Dream Machine.  It’s fast, it’s sturdy and it quilts like a dream.  I highly recommend it.

Quilting Supplies

Every quilter needs (NEEDS!) a rotary cutter, a cutting mat and a few rulers.

Rotary Cutter

I’ve used a cheap Fiskars brand for years and years.

Recently I purchased an Olfa brand.

I can’t say one is way better than the other but I kind of like the feeling of the Olfa in my hands better.   Both are fairly inexpensive.

I just have the one size:  45mm.

Cutting Mat

I love my Riley Blake rotary cutting mat!

I’ve had this one for about a year and a half.   I love it because I love the colors 🙂   I like how it looks in my instagram photos. 😉

It is starting to wear out and I’m almost ready to replace it but I think it’s pretty reasonably priced and considering how much it gets used, I can live with that.

I do like the 2 sides since I flipped it over when one side was too worn out.


I keep it pretty simple with quilt rulers.   I have a few favorites and then a few extras that are really more splurges.

My most used ruler is the 6.5in x 24in Creative Grids Ruler.

It’s non slip so it’s great for cutting width of fabric pieces.  You can make an entire quilt with just this one ruler.

These 2 Fiskar Rulers are the other two that get used consistently.

The 6.5in square ruler and the 12.5in square ruler.

I like these Fiskar quilt rulers because they do glide.   I like my smaller size rulers to be able to slide but not my larger rulers.   Also, I like the clean black lines.   I started out with a ruler with the yellow markings and lines and couldn’t stand it!  So hard to read.    These ones are simple and easy to read quickly.

Those three quilt rulers are the ones I couldn’t live without.   These ones below are a little more frivolous but do get used from time to time.

The HexNmore Ruler.   I really like how versatile this ruler is.   It works as a triangle ruler and a half hexagon ruler.

60 degree triangle ruler.   Sometimes I like to use this triangle ruler over the hexNmore.  Smaller and easier to navigate.

Stripology Ruler.   I’m kind of obsessed with this one.   It’s a splurge for sure!   I’m just so impressed with the concept of it and can’t even imagine how someone came up with it.   If you cut a lot of 2.5in squares or strips, this is a HUGE time saver.   Love my stripology ruler and while I could probably live without it, I don’t want to 😉

I have the larger rectangle one.  22in x 15in.


I use two different threads almost exclusively.

Aurifil Cones

Connecting Threads Cones – I get white and silver

I like the Aurifil for piecing and the Connecting Threads for quilting.   Both are 50 wt but the Connecting Threads is noticeably thicker.


My favorite batting is Quilters Dream Select.   I use it when I can.

Mostly I use Warm and White and buy it by the 40 yard roll.

Fabric Basics

I have a few solids I always have on hand:

Kona Cotton in Snow – My most used white!
Kona Cotton in White
Kona Cotton in Silver

I tend to buy these in larger quantities:
Essex Linen in Black
Essex Linen in Steel
Essex Linen in Flax

Timeless Treasures black and white stripes for binding.

Basting Supplies

505 Spray baste – I exclusively spray baste my quilts and this is the only spray baste I use.   I only buy the larger 12oz size.   One 12oz can lasts about 2ish quilts.

Kraft Tape – I could never baste without this tape!   I’ve tried every type of tape out there and this is the only one I like.  Masking tape, duck tape, painters tape… no success with any of those.  This Kraft tape sticks to floors and fabric.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Starch – Faultless Premium.   It’s cheap and I get it locally at the big box store.

Iron – I’ve been using this Oliso iron for the past few years.  I love it!!!   I also have the travel size which is a very robust iron for it’s small size.