Scrappy Trip around the world

I haven’t had a quilt going for about a week or two so I was itching to start the next one!   It’s way more fun to always have a project going.   After several suggestions on instagram I decided to start my first scrappy trip around the world.   I think my biggest hesitation to start something new was my lack of new fabric.   I was feeling uninspired.   The scrappy trip is a great way to use the fabric you already have.  So no new fabric required!   Plus I miss mixing and matching different colors and fabric lines.   It’s been a while since I have.   I’ve been relying on a lot of precut packs all from the same fabric line.

I’m following the brilliant tutorial by Quiltville.   It tells you  which way to press the seams which makes all the difference in having squares line up!

My fabric stash is actually quite small so I was surprised I was able to pull this many in the tones I wanted.   I have a lot of greens that I’ve been wanting to use so that was my base.   And then I expanded from there.

quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9092 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9095

I want my scrappy trip quilt to have some cohesiveness to it so I divided my fabric up by colors and then cut strips from each color.  I’m kind of trying to keep a navy or darker color as the center color.
quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9098  quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9103quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9102

I kind of fell in love with the first block 🙂

quiltylove_EmilyDennis-11 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9105