City Tiles Quilt Along – Week Four

City Tiles quilt along week four

Welcome to week four of the City Tiles Quilt Along!

This marks the half way point of the quilt along!  I know life gets busy and these blocks take some time so don’t stress if you are a bit behind!  We have a catch up week coming up.  Plus I think you will find others right along side you at what ever stage of the quilt along you are at.  No stress allowed!  😉

Take some time to go through the hashtag when you get a chance and see what everyone else is up to!  I love how active this hashtag is staying 🙂

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Here we go on Week four….


Making Blocks

  1. Large Block Version: Make 3 blocks. This week we will be making three blocks for a total of nine.
  2. Small block Version: Make 6 blocks. If you are making the small block version, make six blocks this week for a total of nine.
  3. Post on Instagram: What is one random thing on your bucket list?  Don’t have a list?  Start one right now with one thing 😉


My progress on the City Tiles Quilt Along

My City Tiles Quilt:
Large Block Version

Center tiles: I’m using mostly Cotton and Steel Bluebird fabrics.
Outlines: All the same in the navy Cotton and Steel Sprinkles
Accent squares: All the same in this SS bluebird fabric
Background: Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax

I’m caught up on my six blocks and working on this week’s blocks.  I’m running out of room on my wall 😉

City Tiles quilt along week four



From the hashtag last week:

#citytilesqal 6 blocks, 10 to go This is my story for this week assigment. I spend the 2006-2007 school years’s in Red Deer, Alberta. I was taking a year off after my law degree with the purpose to improve my english and other things. I visited a quilt show that was hosted in Red Deer at the Spring 2007 and I knew that I want to learn how to quilt after that. I love the colors and the texture. At this time, I was an avid knitter and I’m still am today. I had a college student income, no sewingmachine and no quilting notions. So I postpone the project. Almost 10 years later, in the fall 2015, I was pregnant and had my permanent job. This was the perfect timing to learn how to quilt. I had a small sewingmachine, a 6×24 ruler, a cutting mat and a rotary cutter. I bought a few Crafsty Classes and with those tools and YouTube tutorials, I teach myself how to quilt. Since Fall 2015, I had bought two others sewing machine, give away the small one to my neighboor, bought a lot more quilting notions and we moved to a bigger house so I have a small studio. I’m hooked and I enjoy very much the quilting community on IG.

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First ten blocks done. 30 more to go #citytilesqal

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Jump in anytime!

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See you next Monday!
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