City Tiles Quilt Along – Week Six

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Welcome to week six of the City Tiles Quilt Along!

It’s week six out of eight this week for the City tiles quilt along!

It’s catch up week!  If your feeling behind, this is your week!  If you are cruising right along, keep cruising!  I would rather see you guys finish ahead of time then fall behind and be discouraged.

Take some time to go through the hashtag when you get a chance and see what everyone else is up to! I love how active this hashtag is staying 🙂

Be sure to browse through the quilt along posts!

Here we go on Week six….


Making Blocks

  1. Large Block Version: Catch up week!!
  2. Small block Version: Make 3 blocks. If you are making the small block version, make three blocks this week for a total of 24.


My progress on the City Tiles Quilt Along

My City Tiles Quilt:
Large Block Version

Center tiles: I’m using mostly Cotton and Steel Bluebird fabrics.
Outlines: All the same in the navy Cotton and Steel Sprinkles
Accent squares: All the same in this SS bluebird fabric
Background: Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax

I’ll be taking advantage of the catch up week…haha.  Hopeful to finish up all of my blocks this week.  We shall see!

City tiles quilt along



From the hashtag last week:


Block No. 6 #citytilesqal

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Jump in anytime!

And if you are kicking yourself for not joining the City Tiles Quilt Along…. do it! We would love to see you on the hashtag 🙂 Go ahead and RSVP below so you get the weekly e-mails.

See you next Monday!
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