Plus Squared quilt – The scrappy Ruby Star Society one

Today I’m sharing this Scrappy Ruby Star Society Plus Squared quilt. It might be a new favorite!

Plus Squared is available in the Quilty Love Pattern Shop.

Scrappy Plus Squared Quilt

I made quite a few quilts using different Ruby Star Society fabric lines recently. That means I had a lot of Ruby Star scraps! I couldn’t resist mixing all of the leftover fabric into this pink and yellow and peach scrappy plus quilt.

Plus Squared is one of the original Quilty Love Patterns! But it’s still a favorite and I was excited to remake it with these warm colors.

Perfect scrap quilt

Plus Squared is the perfect scrap quilt since it’s made up of squares. The pattern includes instructions for fat quarters if you want to use a fat quarter bundle.

Chain piecing quilt

Plus Squared quilt is a chain piecing quilt for sure! I think that’s why I enjoyed making it so much. There was a lot of chain piecing and nice mindless sewing with this one.

Ruby Star Society basics fabrics

The Ruby Star Society fabric lines have been so good lately! Most of the fabrics in this quilt are from their basics line. I mixed in some Clementine also. Clementine is a little harder to get your hands on as it was a super popular line. The Ruby Star basics are readily available though.

This quilt is a fun one to sew together! I love block quilts because each block is so satisfying to finish.

It looks like I had a little help from my super helpful one year old while deciding on the layout for this Plus

Background fabrics

Here’s another non white background quilt from me! Haha. I’ve been trying to branch out from my standard white more and more. I mean, I don’t branch out too far since I’ve been sticking with subtle print backgrounds but aren’t they good!!? I’ve really loved using subtle prints like this speckled one as backgrounds lately.

The background of this scrappy Plus Squared quilt is Ruby Star Society Speckled in Metallic White Gold.

I love a crisp white quilt background but lets be honest, they aren’t very practical! Mostly, I use white out of convenience since I always have plenty of Kona Snow on hand.

The sashing around these plus blocks ends up being really subtle with the white fabric. It keeps the plus shape the front and center and really allows it to pop.

It’s interesting to look back at these photos taken such a short time ago. This half wall below is now a full wall with a fireplace on it 🙂 We are in the middle of a great room renovation.

The next step of the reno is wood floors and you better believe I can’t wait to have them for quilt photos..haha.

So much kitchen table quilting going on these days! The 1.5 year old is busy, busy, busy and the kitchen table seems to be the only place to actually get any sewing in. I don’t mind being right in the middle of the action though while I’m working and sewing 🙂

She’s always nearby to jump into photos..haha.

Hoping this plus quilt passed her inspection. 😉

I think I took just a few too many photos of this scrappy Plus Squared quilt..haha. I so enjoyed working with these Ruby Star fabrics and couldn’t resist alllll of the photos.

Long arm quilting

I sent this scrappy Plus Squared quilt off to Knot and Thread for quilting. I’ve been sending more quilts off for long arm quilting than usual because I have such limited time with the toddler these days.

It still feels like such a treat to get quilts back after quilting. I had Kait choose the quilting for me again and LOVE this baptist fan she chose. This quilting design has always been a favorite of mine. The baptist fan quilt design is such a traditional quilting design. But this one has nice tight lines making it feel much more modern.

This scrappy Plus Squared quilt is finished with a mustard colored binding from the Ruby Star Society Speckled line.

I did a little quilt styling for these quilt photos. We recently rearranged my daughters room and it isn’t doing my photos any favors..haha. Her bed used to be the perfect quilt photo spot until we moved it. The lighting is way more challenging now but I’ll still make it work 😉

I used a Kona cotton solid in the color Peach as the backing for this scrappy plus quilt. The throw size Plus Squared is pretty large so I stuck with a solid fabric to save a little money on the backing.

Plus Squared is in the Quilty Love pattern shop:
PDF automatic download
Paper pattern

Ruby Star Society Basics
Ruby Star Society Clementine (Try searching Etsy)
Background: Ruby Star Society Metallic White Gold
Sashing: Kona Snow
Binding: Ruby Star Society Speckled Cactus
Background: Kona Peach

Pieced on a Janome MC6700p