Hexie Framed // the hello darling version

As soon as this Hello Darling jelly roll showed up at my door, I knew I had to make a Hexie Framed quilt with it.  This is the baby size.   Sashing fabric is Hello Bear by Art Gallery Fabrics.   This quilt is quilted with my tried and true zig zag stitch. Find the zig zag walking foot quilting tutorial here.

Hexie Framed pattern available here.

quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5378 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9806 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-9820 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5419 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5426 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5431 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5432 quiltylove_EmilyDennis-5430