Hexie Pop Quilt – Around the Bend

Today I’m sharing a Hexie Pop quilt made with this upcoming Around the Bend Fabric Line. I made this Hexie Pop quilt a few months ago for Robert Kaufman. Around the Bend is my friend Anna’s newest fabric line. Around the bend will start showing up in quilt shops this summer.

Hexie Pop is a fast and easy half hexie quilt. The piecing looks more complex than it is. The quilt pattern provides a simple template to use to cut all of your background fabrics. Piecing is nice and simple once those are cut.

I’ve made several Hexie Pop quilts and can usually sew one together in an afternoon.

The Hexie Pop quilt pattern is in the Quilty Love pattern shop.

Around the Bend Fabric by Noodlehead

I was pumped to sew up this new fabric line Around the Bend by my friend Anna. Anna has had several fabric lines with Robert Kaufman and each one is full of texture and calming colors.

Anna’s fabrics come printed on Essex linens. If you have been here for a while then you know I love quilting with Essex Linen. They provide such beautiful texture and extra warmth to your quilts.

Around the Bend is shipping to quilt shops this summer.

Hexie Pop quilt pattern

Hexie Pop is a quick and easy half hexie quilt pattern. It’s sewn together using traditional piecing methods. There are no Y seams. The quilt pattern includes an easy template to use to cut the background pieces. Once those are cut, then piecing is super easy and quick!

The pattern shows you how to nest all of your seams to points line up perfectly. I also leave enough space between rows so that you won’t lose any of those hexie points.

The Hexie Pop quilt pattern includes two design options. One is like this Around the Bend Hexie Pop where each row is a different print. The other option in the pattern is a repeating colors version. The repeating color version uses three different prints.

Hexie Pop quilt sizes

The Hexie Pop quilt pattern includes instructions for lots of quilt sizes. The pattern includes the following quilt sizes:

  • Baby or crib size quilt
  • Throw size quilt
  • Twin size bed quilt
  • Queen size bed quilt
  • king size bed quilt

This Around the Bend Hexie Pop quilt is the throw size.

Kona Cotton Natural quilt background

I’ve really been trying to stay away from stark white backgrounds in my quilts lately. Mostly it’s for practical purposes. It’s hard to keep those stark white quilts clean. They sure are pretty but not the most practical.

So one of the fabrics I’ve been using more for a clean light background is Kona Cotton Natural. I was pleasantly surprised when Anna chose this solid as the background for this Hexie Pop quilt. Kona cotton Natural is more of a creamy color and just as the name implies, it looks natural. It has small flecks of darker color throughout it. It’s still very light but not as stark as a plain white.

Gingham quilt backing

This Around the Bend Hexie Pop quilt is backed in a light blue Carolina gingham by Robert Kaufman.

The binding is Kona cotton in the color peach.

Long Arm Quilting

This Around the Bend Hexie Pop quilt was quilted by Modern Textiles. This quilting pantograph is called Together.

Around the Bend Hexie Pop quilt materials

Quilt pattern: Hexie Pop quilt pattern by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Around the bend by Anna Graham for Robert Kaufman
Backing: Carolina Gingham by Robert Kaufman
Quilting: long arm quilting by Modern Textiles