Hopscotch II – the scrappy red and blue one

Today I’m sharing my Hopscotch II test quilt. I don’t think I’ve shared this quilt anywhere yet.

Hopscotch II is a quick and easy fat quarter friendly quilt pattern. Pull some fat quarters from your stash for this big block based quilt.

I’m using a fat quarter bundle that I curated while visiting Stitch Supply Co.

Hopscotch II is available in the Quilty Love shop.

The fat quarter bundle I used for this Hopscotch II quilt is a mix of reds, blues and aquas. While this quilt turned out really soft and fresh looking, I do wish I had went with a darker background since some of the prints blend into the white too much. But as with anything, you learn from these things.

The accent fabric on this Hopscotch II is from my stash. The background is Essex Linen in white. That Essex Linen gives this quilt a little bit of texture and weight.

Some of the prints in this fabric bundle are so cute! Look at those strawberries! And the red print below it is such a fun one.

Beginner friendly quilt pattern

Hopscotch II is a really great beginner friendly quilt pattern. It uses basic squares and rectangles which makes it good for new quilters. Plus there are not many tricky seams to line up making it easier to sew together.

The quilt blocks are nice and big too.

Carolyn Friedlander Wide Back

This large throw size Hopscotch II quilt is backed with the widescreen wideback by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman. I’ve used this wide back quite a bit as it’s a nice neutral fabric that works well with so many quilts.

I’m all about the widebacks! I just restocked my wideback stash with some new neutral options. I really don’t like piecing quilt backs so I’m always excited to see new modern wide back options. This widescreen is an older wide back and might be a little harder to find now.

Straight line grid quilting with a walking foot

I quilted up this large Hopscotch II quilt myself on my Janome MC6700p using a walking foot. I quilted a grid pattern. It’s been a while since I’ve quilted straight lines! I tend to quilt up everything using the wavy stitch so I haven’t done straight lines in a while.

This grid pattern is super easy to do! First quilt one inch straight lines vertically. Then quilt 1.5in straight lines horizontally. I kind of like the added interest of the grid pattern over just doing vertical lines.

Quilting with straight lines using a walking foot is one of the easiest ways to quilt yourself. Just be sure to use a walking foot! It really does make all the difference. Your machine might have come with one. If not, you can use any brand so long as it fits on your machine.

You can see the grid pattern on the backing of the quilt in the photo below. You can also see a toddler foot…ha. She’s always right in there with me whether I like it or not.

Picnic Quilt

This Hopscotch II quilt ended up feeling very summery. It looks like the perfect picnic quilt. If I could go back and use a darker background I probably would but that’s what quilting is all about. Trying things and learning from them.

Hopscotch II is available in the Quilt Love pattern shop.