Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle for Robert Kaufman

I’m so excited to share the new Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle for Robert Kaufman! This collaboration with Robert Kaufman was a quilty bucket list item for me so you can imagine how excited I am to see it happen.

A Palette Picks fat quarter bundle is a curation of Robert Kaufman solids and textures by a designer. This time, that designer is me!

My Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle is colorful, full of texture and super versatile.

Quilt shops can order the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle from Robert Kaufman or Checker Distributors.

Quilters can get the bundle from their favorite quilt shops starting in April! Ask your quilt shop for the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle πŸ™‚ I have some listed in my shop here.

This palette picks bundle has been in the works for the last six months or so. It was actually a little stressful mostly because the possibilities were literally unlimited. I could go in any direction, use any color scheme, use any of the solids or textures so with unlimited possibilities it was hard to know where to start. If you have been following along for a bit you probably know making decisions is not my greatest skill πŸ˜‰

Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle

Kona Cotton favorites

I’ve always had some favorite Kona Cotton colors that I wanted to try to bring in to this Palette Picks bundle. So the bundle has some old favorites and some new favorites.

I actually started with the neutrals in this bundle! For some reason, the neutrals are what immediately popped into my head when I was presented with this collaboration. I love how they lighten up the bundle and make it feel really fresh.

A rainbow of fabric color

One of the other decisions I needed to make was the color scheme. Should I stick with a limited palette or go for a full rainbow. In the end I decided to make a rainbow of color in this Palette Picks bundle using blues, pinks, nuetrals and a splash of yellow.

The rainbow of color in this palette makes it super versatile. There are 20 fat quarters in the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle so you can use them all together in one quilt or pull colors from it.

I did both with the quilt samples using this Palette Picks bundle.

The Triangle Peaks quilt below uses 18 of the 20 fat quarters. I left out the coral and nectarine to soften the color palette.

For the Fat Quarter Dash quilts below I separated out the bundle into warms and cools. One version of this quilt uses only the blues and neutrals. The other version uses only the pinks and neutrals.

Fat Quarter Dash is in the Quilty Love Shop.

Colorways from the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle

You can get so many different looks just be eliminating a few colors. Below are some options using the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle with a few missing from each photo.

I ended up using the very last image in a quilt I’m working on now.

What I love about this bundle is how different it can look depending on the quilt! Below I used all 20 fabrics in the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle in a Compass Star quilt. The white background gives all of the color plenty of room to breathe resulting in a very fresh and happy star quilt.

Since the Compass Star quilt only used half of a bundle, I used the other half on this Diamond Lanterns quilt. You can make both quilts using just one bundle!

And then the Lucky Log Cabins quilt below looks completely different even though it uses the exact fabrics as the Compass Star.

Lucky Log Cabins is the first in the Quilty Love Stash Buster Series and does not use a background fabric.

Quilty Love Stash Buster Quilt Pattern Series

The Quilty Love Stash Buster quilt pattern series is actually inspired by this Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle!

When I was curating the bundle for Robert Kaufman I wanted to come up with quilt patterns that would use these fabrics alone. I wanted patterns that didn’t require anything other than a fat quarter bundle.

All of the stash buster quilts in the series do not require background fabric. The idea is that you can pull fat quarters from your stash and start sewing!

Kona Cotton Solids plus Robert Kaufman textures

I’m all about sewing with textures in my quilts! I’m a fearless quilter who is willing to use any substrate or fabric in my quilts. So over the years, I have loved adding texture in the form of fabrics whenever possible.

I was so excited that all of the Robert Kaufman textures were available to add into this Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle! So add them I did…lol.

Besides the classic Kona Cottons, this Palette Picks fat quarter bundle has Essex Linen, Manchester blends, Speckled Essex Linens and even some sparkle linens! This was all of my Quilty dreams come true with the texture…lol.

Once the colors were decided it was so enjoyable to sew up this Palette Picks bundle! I made five quilts using the bundle. Only one was a new pattern so there was plenty of mindless sewing over the past few months.

I can’t always get much done with the toddler, but she will let me sew at the kitchen island most days. Below is the pile of scraps from all of those quilts. The colors in this Palette Picks bundle are just so happy that even the scraps were pretty.

What to make with your Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle

The Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle has 20 fat quarters. So what do you make with your bundle? You can try out one of the Quilty Love quilt patterns that use fat quarters here.

You can make a large throw size Lucky Log Cabins using every single fat quarter in this bundle.

Lucky Log Cabins quilt using the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle

You can make both a Compass Star quilt and a Diamond Lanterns quilt with just one bundle. Both of these quilts require 20 fat eighths (half of the fat quarter bundle).

You can try the new Fat Quarter Dash quilt using 15 or 21 fat quarters.

Quilty Love palette picks Fat Quarter Dash quilts

You can make a Cross Tile Quilt using all 20 fat quarters.

You can make a Crossroads quilt using 20 fat eighths or 15 of the fat quarters.

You can make a Southwest Sunshine quilt using all 20 fat quarters.

Quilty Love Palette Picks quilts on the blog

Visit the links below to see each Quilty Love Palette Pick quilt up close.

Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle

You can find the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle at your favorite quilt shop or in my shop here.