Ruby Star Society Quilty Hearts quilt

Today I’m sharing a scrappy Quilty Hearts Quilt I made recently! This cute heart quilt is sewn up using an assortment of Ruby Star Society fat quarters and a Ruby Star Society speckled background.

Quilty Hearts is the original Quilty Love heart pattern. Since then 3 more heart quilt patterns have been added to the shop. Quilty Hearts is a sweet four patch style heart quilt pattern.

Quilty Hearts is a nice stash quilt since you can use scraps or fabric from your stash for the hearts.

The Quilty Hearts quilt pattern is in the Quilty Love pattern shop.

Ruby Star Society Quilty Hearts Quilt

This Quilty Hearts quilt is sewn up with an assortment of pink basics from Ruby Star Society. It’s been a while since I’ve made a Quilty Hearts quilt so I wanted to sew one up recently.

I offered quilt kits in the shop for this quilt and they all sold out pretty quickly.

The background of this Quilty Hearts quilt is another Ruby Star Society basic. It’s Speckled in white gold.

Quilty Love Heart quilt patterns

Quilty Hearts is the first Quilty Love heart pattern and little did I know then that I would make this an annual tradition. Since then a new heart quilt has been added each year. You can check out all of the Quilty Love heart patterns here.

Each year I try to make these heart quilt patterns scrappy and stash friendly. The hope is that you can use your scrap stash to make the hearts.

Quilty Hearts quilt sizes

The Quilty Hearts quilt pattern includes instructions for many different sizes. Use the pattern to make any of these quilt sizes:

  • Baby size or lap size quilt
  • Throw size quilt
  • Twin size bed quilt
  • Queen size bed quilt
  • King size bed quilt

Intermediate quilt pattern

Quilty Hearts is an intermediate quilt pattern only because it’s set on point. I hadn’t made this quilt in a while and over stretched some bias edges as I was putting the quilt top together. It ended up having fabric that didn’t lay very nicely. Thankfully it quilted up just fine since I was able to straighten it all out in the spray basting stage.

So what I learned… don’t force bias edges! Let them lay where they want so you don’t end up with a wonky quilt top.

Wavy Stitch quilting

Because this quilt top ended up a little wonky I decided to quilt it up myself. The hope was that I could straighten it all up during spray basting so it quilted up square. It did work out and ended up nice and square. I shared the progress of this on Instagram along with the issues I was having. Lots of long arm quilters chimed in that it would have quilted up just fine with them also. Phew!

This Ruby Star Society Quilty Hearts quilt quilted up beautifully using my favorite wavy stitch quilting technique. I have a full video tutorial for the Wavy Stitch quilting on YouTube.

Minky backing on this Ruby Star Society Quilty Hearts Quilt

I used a nice and soft Shannon Cuddle Minky backing on this Quilty Hearts quilt. I’ve quilted up quilts with minky backings several times now with no issues. I treat it like any other quilting cotton quilt back and it’s always quilted up nicely. I do spray baste my quilts so I think that really helps keep it nice and flat.

Stick with a good quality minky backing so it will last for many years! I always use Shannon Cuddle minky in wide so you don’t need to piece the backing. This color is called Woodrose.

I find that minky is slightly more slippery than a quilting cotton but my machine handles it no problem with a walking foot.

I will warn you that if you have never made quilts using a minky backing, all it takes is one and you will wish all of your quilts had minky πŸ˜‰ Here in the midwest we like super warm quilts so we all reach for a minky backed quilt before any others. It doesn’t get any softer or warmer than minky!

Quilt batting with minky

The number one question I get asked when I use minky is if I use a quilt batting. I do! I haven’t actually tried a minky quilt without batting but I really think I would miss the batting. I use my normal 100% cotton batting when quilting at home and 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting with a long arm quilter.

Some quilters did say they skip the batting with minky or use something really thin. I feel like I would miss the batting if I didn’t use it. A minky backed quilt ends up a little heavier and thicker than a cotton backed quilt.

Quilt binding

I finished this quilt off with a Ruby Star Society Spark fabric in peony. You will want to do a full 2.5 inch wide binding strip with minky since it’s a little thicker. I have no issues with 2.5 inch double fold binding. If a 2.5 inch double fold binding feels tight on regular quilts for you then you might upsize even a tiny bit more for minky.

Ruby Star Society Quilty Hearts quilt materials

Quilt Pattern: Quilty Hearts by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Ruby Star Society Basics
Background: Ruby Star Society Speckled in White gold
Binding: RSS Spark in peony
Backing: Shannon Cuddle Wide minky in Woodrose
Pieced and Quilted on my janome MC6700P