Bonus Sawtooth Star Quilt

Today I’m finally sharing this bonus sawtooth star quilt from the Infinite Hearts quilt pattern. This bonus star quilt is included in the heart pattern as way to use the cut off leftover half square triangles.

Rather than let them go to waste you can make up these fun and easy sawtooth star quilt blocks. The large Infinite Hearts quilt results in enough half square triangles to make a small throw size star quilt like the one pictured here.

Infinite Hearts with this bonus star quilt pattern is available in the Quilty Love pattern shop.

Easy Sawtooth Star quilt blocks

I should have named this quilt even though it’s part of the Infinite Hearts quilt pattern..haha. I didn’t so I’ll call it the bonus Star Quilt. You end up with lots of extra half square triangles when you make the Infinite hearts quilt so I wanted to add a project in the pattern to use them up.

I admit, I’m quick to toss those cut off half square triangle pieces but I used them up in this case since there are quite a few of them and they end up being a decent size.

Since the half square triangles end up two toned, these sawtooth star quilt blocks come out looking kind of cool. They end up with a lot of movement.

Kona Cotton Solids

These cut off half square triangles are from this Kona Cottons Infinite Hearts quilt. They are an assortment of reds and pinks from the Kona cotton line up. The exact Kona cotton colors that were used are listed in that blog post.

Traditional Sawtooth star quilt

This quilt ended up being a more traditional sawtooth star quilt because I used a contrasting sashing, cornerstones (the grey squares), and a border! I rarely add borders to my quilts but i wanted to make this one a little bigger and a border will do just that.

All of these fabrics were from my stash so I was limited with what I had. That is why it ended up with a contrasting border. I might have chosen to keep the sashing and the border the same color but I didn’t have enough sashing fabric left. In the end, I like how it turned out and I like how you are sometimes pushed out of your norm when you sew from your stash.

Ruby Star Society Grid background fabric

The background of these sawtooth star quilt blocks is a Ruby Star Society grid fabric. Unfortunately, this print has been discontinued. I love it so much so I’m pretty bummed but their speckled basic is a really good alternative as a neutral quilt background.

The cornerstones on this quilt are Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in charcoal. I added cornerstones because sometimes they are easier than When you use cornerstones in your sashing then you can make blocks rather than attach long pieces of sashing. Sashing is not my favorite step in quilt making.

Peppered Cotton Wide Back

This bonus Sawtooth Star quilt is backed with some leftover Peppered Cotton from my stash. I carry some Peppered Cotton Wide Back options in The Wide Back Shop.

I’ve used these Peppered Cotton wide backs quite a bit and really like them. They are close to a linen and have really nice drape.

Black and White Striped binding

This bonus Sawtooth Star quilt is finished off with one of my favorite black and white striped bindings. I used this black and white striped fabric for this binding.

Long Arm Quilting

I sent this Sawtooth Star quilt off to Vintage Stitch for quilting. I think binding too! Jenae offers binding services so this might have been one of the quilts that I had her finish for me. I already think it’s like magic getting a quilt quilted. Well…it feels even more magical getting a quilt back completely finished!

You can see the Infinite Hearts quilt along with the bonus Sawtooth Star quilt below. It was kind of fun to end up with two quilts from one project. And it was fun to push myself outside of my comfort zone and go for a more traditional style star quilt.

Bonus Sawtooth Star Quilt Materials

Quilt Pattern: Infinite Hearts quilt pattern by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Assorted pinks and reds from the Kona cotton line up
Backing: Peppered Cotton Wide Back
Binding: Black and White Striped fabric
Pieced on my Janome MC6700p
Long Arm Quilted by Vintage Stitch