Cake Dash Quilt Pattern – A layer cake quilt pattern

Meet the Cake Dash Quilt Pattern! Cake Dash is a quick and easy layer cake friendly quilt pattern. Cake Dash is super beginner friendly and you can make a small throw using just ONE LAYER CAKE.

This layer cake quilt pattern includes three different options and several sizes in the quilt pattern.

This layer cake friendly quilt pattern is in the Quilty Love pattern shop.

Cake Dash Quilt Pattern

I’m so excited to share the Cake Dash quilt pattern today. This is a really great beginner friendly quilt. It’s quick and easy and uses layer cake squares. You can also use fat quarters or 1/4 yards. The pattern includes all three options.

Cake Dash includes a few different versions and multiple sizes. I sewed up all three versions using just two Tula Pink layer cakes. So the three quilts in this blog post were made with two layer cakes and 2 5/8 yards of background fabric.

The three different versions of this quilt are the Mix and Match version, Inside Out A version and Inside out B version.

Mix and Match Cake Dash Quilt

The mix and match version of the Cake Dash quilt pattern uses 10 inch squares only! This version of this quick and easy layer cake pattern does not require any background fabric.

The pattern includes seven sizes from baby all the way up to King size.

The small throw size uses one full layer cake (42 squares). So if you want a quick and easy layer cake quilt and have one layer cake to use, this is the perfect option. The small throw size quilt measures out at 48″ x 56″.

Add squares to make the larger sizes.

Inside Out Cake Dash Quilt

I really love the inside out versions in the Cake Dash quilt pattern. For this version of Cake Dash you will use 10 inch squares and background fabric. The pattern is written so you can make both A and B at the same time and end up with two quilts.

Of course you don’t have to make both versions and can just choose one. The pattern guides you through either option.

What I like about the Inside Out versions is you can end up with two quilts using one layer cake + background fabric. So for example, the quilts in this blog post are the small throw size. One layer cake + 2 5/8 yards of background fabric makes two 48″ x 56″ quilts.

Tula Pink True Colors Fabric

I found some colorful fabrics for these Cake Dash quilt samples! Every time I sew with Tula Pink fabrics I am reminded that I should be using them more They are so vibrant and so fun and sew up.

For these versions of Cake Dash I used a Tula Pink True Colors Layer Cake. Actually I used 2 total for all three of these quilts. One layer cake made up the Mix and Match version and the other layer cake + background fabric made up the two Inside out versions.

True Colors is a beautiful rainbow of color in nice small scale prints. So many of the Tula Pink fabrics make good blenders for your fabric stash.

Rainbow Quilt

Since the Tula Pink True Colors fabric line is a rainbow of color I decided to work with that! I kept the rainbow order in each quilt and arranged my blocks in a rainbow of color. This quilt would have also looked just as fun and colorful arranged randomly. But I kind of like the rainbow effect going on in these quilts.

Quick, Easy and beginner friendly quilt pattern

Cake Dash is a really great beginner quilt pattern. In fact, it would make a good first time quilt. It’s made with basic cuts and square blocks so it would be a good one to start on.

As a more seasoned quilter, you could probably whip one of these throw size quilt tops up in a day.

All three versions of this quilt are photographed together up above.

Below is the Mix and Match version. This small throw size quilt is made using just one layer cake. It’s a decent size quilt measuring about 48″ x 56″. Plenty big to snuggle on the couch with.

Below are the Inside Out versions. I went ahead and made two quilts at the same time using just one layer cake and background fabric. One for you. One for a friend 🙂 These are both the small throw size also.

The version B Inside Out Cake Dash quilt is probably my favorite. I love how modern and fun it turned out. I’ve really been trying to stay away from white background fabric lately so this True colors print was perfect for the background.

It’s still light but busy enough to hide any stains or spots the quilt might pick up over time.

Long Arm Quilting

I sent all three of these Cake Dash quilts off to Knot and Thread for quilting. I had her choose each design and they are all so fun.

Minky Backing

Have I shared yet how obsessed I am with Minky?! Obsessed! I don’t know how I’ve went so long without using it. From now on any quilt I plan to keep and use will have minky as the backing…lol. It seriously makes the softest, warmest quilt ever.

Minky leaves your quilt nice and drapey too. Don’t skip the batting on quilts with minky backing! They will still be nice and drapey with batting. I had Knot and Thread use 80/20 batting on these quilts and they turned out really nice.

I’ve started carrying select colors of Wide Minky fabrics in my shop here.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos of my favorite Cake Dash quilt. 🙂

Cake Dash quilt materials

Quilt Pattern: Cake Dash Quilt Pattern by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Tula Pink True Colors fabric
Background: True Colors Cotton Candy Fairy Dust
Backing: Shannon Cuddle Minky
Pieced on my Janome MC6700P
Long Arm quilted by Knot and Thread