Pastel Scrappy String quilt

Today I’m sharing this pastel scrappy string quilt. I just finished this scrappy quilt and am absolutely loving it. It was such a delight to make and I look forward to making more of these. This is the second string quilt I’ve made and they are such a fun way to use up those skinny scraps that you don’t know what else to do with.

String quilt

A string quilt is a scrappy quilt that is made using string scraps. A string scrap is a long skinny scrap of fabric. I separate my string scraps out from my regular scraps.

I normally only keep scraps that are a minimum of 2.5 inch wide. Unless they are longer then I add them to my string scrap basket. I only keep them if they are at least 3/4 inch – 1 inch wide.

Paper piecing – kind of

I used newsprint paper as a paper piecing guide for my blocks. This helps place the strings so they end up the right size. It’s especially helpful when placing your strings on the diagonal like this one.

Block size unfinished: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half of a sheet of paper)
Number of blocks: 108
Layout: 12 columns x 9 rows
Quilt size: 60″ x 72″
Strip sizes: All random varying from about 1/2 inch to just under 2 inch

I first marked a 60 degree line on my paper. It can be randomly placed on the paper but was always 60 degrees. Half of these blocks angled in one direction and half the other.

Place the first two strings on the line and sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. You will sew through the paper for this stitch.

Now, use the paper as a guide to place your next strip but fold it out of the way when you sew the new string on.

This makes it soooo much easier to remove the paper when the block is done. Use the paper as your guide to trim the block first, then remove it.

You can see it in action in this reel on Instagram below.

Alternate arrangements

I knew I wanted to make a chevron pattern on this string quilt but just for fun I arranged it so that diamond pattern emerged. It’s such a cool pattern and was tempting but I did that design on my first string quilt and wanted to try something different on this one.

With these rectangle blocks, don’t forget to make half of the blocks angled in one direction and half angled in the opposite direction! Or at least you’ll need to do that for a chevron pattern or that diamond pattern above.

Pastel colors

I limited the color palette on this scrappy string quilt. Here are the colors I used:

  • Heavy on the Pinks, purply-pinks and peaches
  • Heavy on low volume
  • Accented with mint, aqua, orange and periwinkle blue

Long Arm Quilting

I sent this pastel scrappy string quilt off to Modern Textiles for quilting. We chose this fun loopy pantograph called Boa. The pantograph is by The Long Arm League.

Minky Backing

The backing on this scrappy string quilt is Shannon Cuddle Minky in Platinum.

Bias Striped binding

The black and white bias striped fabric binding on this quilt is by Maywood Studios.