The Ombre Infinite Hearts Baby Quilt

I have the cutest little ombre Infinite Hearts baby quilt to share with you today! Hearts + Ombre = one cute baby heart quilt.

I couldn’t resist sewing up a sample of my new Infinite Hearts quilt pattern using some VandCo Ombre fabrics. I had a feeling these heart blocks would look super cute in ombre.

The baby size Infinite Hearts quilt is the perfect quick and easy quilt pattern for a baby or toddler.

VandCo Ombre Fabrics

I used some extra pink VandCo Confetti Ombre I had on hand for this sweet little baby quilt. I believe I used both Popsicle Pink and Hot Pink mixed together. I had a couple of fat quarters of each color.

Ombre fabrics are so much fun to quilt with because the variances in the fabrics add so much depth to your quilts. For this baby quilt, I did place my fabrics dark to light for each block. So I did a little bit of preplanning to make sure each block could go dark to light in color. Although, I do think it would look just as good with totally random placement as well.

Ombre Infinite Hearts Baby Quilt

Infinite Hearts is the brand new 2021 Quilty Love heart quilt. I love doing a new heart quilt each January. There are two reasons for this. One, Valentine’s Day is coming up! And two, it’s always the perfect excuse to sew up your stash or scraps!

I always write these heart quilt patterns around scraps and your stash so most quilters will have fabrics in their stash to use for these heart quilts.

Stash friendly quilt pattern

The Infinite Hearts quilt pattern is a sweet heart quilt that is quick and easy to make. It’s scrap friendly, stash friendly, fat quarter friendly, fat eighth friendly, jelly roll friendly and quarter yard friendly. So basically you can use just about any fabric pre-cut for this heart quilt.

Infinite Hearts Quilt Pattern

Infinite Hearts starts with the cutest little baby (or toddler) size quilt. It also includes instructions for a small throw size (lap size), medium throw size, large throw size and twin size.

I’m always surprised by how quickly baby quilts go together when I make I tend to make mostly large throws so these cute little baby quilts sew up so fast. I sewed up this Infinite Hearts baby quilt in about a day or two.

Binding and backing on this ombre baby heart quilt

I finished off this baby sized Infinite Hearts quilt with a Ruby Star Society grid in the color Strawberry. It complemented the VandCo ombre colors perfectly.

I used the same strawberry grid fabric for the binding. I tend to use the same fabric for backing and binding quite a bit. It’s the perfect way to use up that cut off fabric from the backing and I like the seamless modern look it gives.

Ruby Star Society Grid fabric as the background

I used a Ruby Star Society Grid fabric in the color cloud for this Infinite Hearts baby quilt. I actually used this same fabric for all of my Infinite Hearts samples. It’s the perfect neutral background.

Wavy Stitch Machine Quilting

I quilted this sweet little ombre baby heart quilt up myself on My Janome MC6700p using my favorite wavy stitch. I usually space my lines 3/4 inch apart but I decided to stop at 1 1/2 inch for this baby quilt.

The wavy stitch quilting is such a great versatile beginner friendly quilting option! You use your walking foot to quilt straight lines and the machine does the wave stitch as you go. Check your machine and see if it has a multi stitch wave design or I’ve heard it also called the Serpentine Stitch.

I always start my quilting on one edge of my quilt and quilt 1 1/2 inch spaced lines. Then I go back and fill in between each line at the 3/4 inch mark. So for this baby heart quilt, I decided to skip filling in my 3/4 inch lines because I like how it was a looser quilting and would make for a little drapier quilt.

I don’t have a wavy stitch tutorial yet but it’s the same process as the zig zag quilting that I blogged about here.

You can find the Infinite Hearts Cover quilt shown below on the blog here. That is a Medium throw size quilt using Kona Cotton Solids.

Quilt Pattern: Infinite Hearts Quilt Pattern by Quilty Love
Heart fabric: VandCo Confetti Ombres in Popsicle Pink and Hot Pink
Background fabric: Ruby Star Society Grid in the color Cloud
Backing and Binding: Ruby Star Society Grid in the color strawberry
Batting: Quilters Dream Select
Spray Baste: 505
Pieced and quilted on my Janome MC6700p